Electronic Product Development

Providing solutions and support to your electronic product development needs is the goal of our team of highly skilled and dedicated designers.

Our Design Services (Include but not limited to):

  • Test Plan Development
  • Software Unit and Integration Testing Function Testing
  • Design Verification and Validation Testing
  • Prototyping and Product Certification
  • RF Testing System
  • EMC/EMI pre-compliant testing
  • Manufacturing Jigs and Fixtures

Technology Solutions:

  • Labview
  • Automated Test systems using Labview, C++ and .net

Technology Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • RF/Wireless Systems
  • RF amplifier/Transceiver design
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Consumer Electronic Products (e.g. Cordless Phones, Wireless Handheld Devices, Videophones)
  • Computer Peripherals

Project Case


  • Asset Tracker Final Functional Testing - designed test jig for asset tracker with software codes.
  • Pet/Asset Tracker Manufacturing Test Jig - ongoing development of test jig board design in preparation for manufacturing test which covers testing the boards in a panel and individually. This jig can also be used for programming the boards via JTAG connector.


TWST (Transportable WiMax System Tester) for Cisco WiMax Base Station Application - transportable rack system for testing WiMax base stations.


3G/UMTS Mobile Evaluation Test System for Mobile Feature Characterization Tester (NexTel Mexico) - uses remote radio units and emulates actual air interface link budget design, network parameters and load conditions.

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