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Our staff and employees are our core strength. At the individual level, the directors are experienced in every aspect of the software/hardware development lifecycle, from requirements gathering to implementation.

Your major benefits for choosing us for your software development needs are the following:

  • Experience and expertise - We provide quality deliverables to customers globally through our expertise, efficient process and effective Project Management techniques.

  • Strategic Vision - We use our knowledge to stay ahead of your needs, and keep you ahead of your competition; providing you efficient systems and tools that solve today's problems and anticipate tomorrow's needs.

  • Quality of Service - Through our trained and/or certified project management directors/architects, we can offer you rigid design practice and streamlined process which marks the quality of our service. We'll work closely with you to provide effective solution for your needs.

  • Cost Efficient - We offer a variety of pricing options to provide you with the most affordable solution for your needs. You can be rest assured that we have the expertise to deliver measurable, reliable, effective results for your company.

  • International Relations - We are organized across the U.S. Australia, Canada and Philippines, providing clients the best knowledge gained from working with similar clients requirement globally. Depending on the conditions & requirements, we may be able to extend our benefits as a Microsoft partner, providing you the best solutions and appropriate tools for the project.

Our Design Services (Include but not limited to):

  • Software Development

    GT offers complete software development capability from product definition up to market release. Our solution-oriented software designers can rapidly create efficient solution in every project, with analysis, system optimization and integration.

    • Embedded Software Design & Development
    • Systems/Software Development and Design
    • Mobile Applications
    • Enterprise Security Solutions
    • System Integration & Architecture
    • Software Test Systems

    Technical: C, C++, C#.NET, PHP5, MYSQL, SQL Server, LabView, Mobile Technologies (Android)

  • Database Management
    • Database Development
    • Database Management

    Technical: SQL Server 2008, MySQL, MS Access, MYSQL

  • Networking
    • WAN/LAN Intranet network
    • Wireless Networking

    Technical: TCP/IP, BSC 3270, Sockets

Project Case

Multi-channel Pulse Generator


Complete product Engineering responsibility for a multi-channel pulse generator(16 Channels) for medical application. Defining the software and hardware architecture was the major challenge due to the complexity and very low noise tolerance requirements of the product.

Solution Provided:

The controller board includes Altera FPGA and Freescale microcontroller. Using verilog, providing fundamental control of timing and pulse amplitude. The microcontroller on the other hand provides communication interface for the display and PC using serial programming interface respectively.

Automated Vending Machine Platform


Complete hardware and embedded software solutions for an automated vending machine.

Solution Provided:

Using C language, GT provided two controller boards with two different microcontrollers from Freescale. The main controller board controls the locker-board communication and PC interface. USB and serial interface programming was used for the communication of the board was for locker-cell controller-monitoring. Also developed the test system for this development using C#.Net technology

AC Source Consumer Device


Total solution for the AC active safety device

Solution Provided:

The firmware was developed using TI's MSP430F2252 low-power microcontroller. The code was written under IAR Embedded Workbench having C language as the programming platform. Ucon's ADC and timer module was configured to meet product feature requirments.

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